Wii modding and online updating

While modding is easy in Staxel; there are a couple things needed before starting.

First off, you will need to have a program to create a voxel model in.

These issues were caused by dumping process itself - it had to modify the eboot file(relocation, plugin hooks, DLC patches, DRM removal and so on).

No Np DRM rips are basically 1:1 unmodified and encrypted files and thanks to that they run and play just as their legally purchased counterparts.

This makes sure you can see the behind text files you create among other things.

After picking and choosing programs, the final step should be to set up a folder in which you can put your work in.

You can have a look at #Voxel Modelling Software and choose a program to work with.

Be aware, each program has its quirks, and can cause trouble if you can't figure them out.

This means that you will always have a backup folder to rely on rather than working inside the game's files.

Head to Category: Modding to look for a specific item to Mod.

Most items includes tutorials on how to implement those items within their pages.

Most Recent change: 07/02/17 #Changelog Only install mods that come from trusted sources.

Staxel, and related parties, are not liable for any damage done to your computer by installing mods.

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After creating this folder, navigate to the games and drag this shortcut to the folder you created before.

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