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"Heartbeat" has a hearty belt of modern production in its gut, like the "Euro dance, totally heavy dance" sound that Ritter said defines contemporary mainstream music.

He happily suggest that Mika's vocal on the track makes it greater, compounding the efforts of producer Greg Wells.

After all, simply giving deference to feelings is all their songs have ever been about.

"The way music's gone in the last five years has been really remarkable." "Off-the-beaten-path music — there's so much of it, it's awesome," Ritter said.

Veins of Weezer and U2 have definitely been opened up, and "Gonzo" owes a surprising debt to Radiohead. But Ritter may stand to be more than a pretty face bubbling around on the charts.

He could be a lion for acting based on what feels right, be that via a charitable organization or a slick producer.

And so we sold them on our website, Dont Hate On Haiti.org, and immediately, my first instinct was to take it on the Warped Tour with me. So Valiant Watches came to me when a friend of mine, Jackie, just happened to go to school with Chris and Tracy from Valiant, and they approached me, and they said, 'look, we're trying to start this watch company, and we know your passion for Haiti.' And the good thing about the watches is, you can break them down and build them.

And they donate 25 percent of all proceeds to the charity.

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When you see all those people standing next to it, it's like, wow, this is a great thing. You know, I got invited to grab a shovel and help build, but I feel like that's more of a strict publicity thing. But every time I try to put it on tour, venues want to take a percentage. What's cool is when the kids come to the show and they have the watch or something, when I see them outside, I stop everything for them, you know what I mean? It's a great thing when you can wear an awareness of anything on your wrist.

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