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He says how these training courses, “usually focus on the traditional way of hitting on women, what to say to talk them into being interested in you, how to say it so that you can get something from them, how to behave on a date, and where to go and so on and it’s all about tips, tricks and techniques only”. The focus is on a guy really knowing himself and finding ‘happiness within himself.The approach, according to the Brent Smith doctrine, is that Less Work = More Results. ‘Love yourself’, ‘focus on yourself’, ‘be happy from within’ – that’s the mantra for sale here.Accordingly, women “will not want to be taken out on dates, they won’t want you to spend money on them. I don’t know about you, but this sounds distinctly ‘New Agey’ to me, yeah?Statements like “In order to find happiness, you have to be happiness.It features good ol’ Brent sitting at a desk nonchalantly chatting away.Part 1 has him going on about finding and being yourself and even being lazy about attracting women (there’s that pesky ‘L’ word again! Unscripted dialogue can be authentic and nicely organic, but this just comes across too laidback, too unfocused and very long-winded.The emphasis here is simply on you being yourself, and having the girls (or ladies) come to you. Brent Smith (pictured below) is the host and guru on how to attract the hotter women you crave, and his training is quick to lambast what other training courses have to offer on dating and how men can get women.For him, their approach is too focused on what a guy needs to do to attract a woman, how he should speak to her, how he should dress, etc.

There is also emphasis on how different men and women are, psychologically and otherwise. It’s interesting, this emphasis on not being lazy, as it is entirely contradictory to how the training commences and is even subtitled: remember – how this is training for the ) and “Psych Yourself Up To Go Out” (no explanation needed) show Brent giving these tips as he drives around at night.

In an interesting twist, Brent insists that it’s men who need to be the more giving, the more nurturing. It’s probably supposed to look spontaneous and in the ‘now’. And some of the scenarios that he talks about when a guy using his method walks into a club or bar are so ridiculous and far fetched, it’s actually laughable!

It is that which will make them sexier: “Listening to someone is giving. Then there is the “Quickstart Guide’ divided into Parts 1 and 2.

One moment the guy is told to sit back and be downright lazy as women flock to him, the next he needs to be working hard and never, ever be lazy.

With all the emphasis on the guy knowing who he is and liking himself more and the like, there are still numerous tips on how to woo her, how to chat with her, how to nab her.

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No happy couple I have ever met started out with two miserable people” just compound the whole New Age vibe of this philosophy.

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