Updating your social networks

It's easy to tell if someone has abandoned an account and left it to grow weeds.

If you intend to use a service, keep adding new content!

Tip: Use a Firefox extension like Shareaholic to help make adding new content to your profile easier.

Once you're organized and understand where you really want to spend your time, managing multiple social media profiles becomes less of a chore and more about sharing experiences, discovering new content, and building new relationships.

Start counting the number of social media websites you have a profile with, right now. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and You Tube are just the start of it - for people active on social websites, you could have several dozen social media profiles, half of them using a really old picture of you.

Heck, some of them probably have inboxes filled with strange messages from some girl named "Leota" who wants you to visit her sexy singles website.

Organize a bookmarks folder or two for the social media services you are using.

Filter your email so that all of your notifications fall into their own inbox/label.

Tools make reaching social media marketing goals possible.People may disagree with me, but I believe you should sign up for the most popular social networks regardless of whether you are going to use them all.This prevents someone else being mistaken for you and protects an account that you may want to use later.Tip: Always keep note of other people using your most common username.Making sure people don't confuse you for somebody else is important for friends and potential employers alike.

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