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In the earlier days of BASIC, before the "client-server era" where RAD systems such as VB, Delphi, and Power Builder interacted with desktop and ODBC databases such as MS-Access, SQL Server, and Oracle, random access files were used as building blocks to put together data access systems that could be considered early forms of desktop databases.

On the other side, if you need to update only one record in a while, then RAF is faster.On the other side, a server can write several megabytes of data in one second, so if your data size is less, it's better to read the whole data in, manipulate it and then write it back.Then you don't need to care about fixed sizes of your records (you can easily increase/decrease size), no need to care about too many gaps inside the data and reducing them by shifting records around etc.The record position is "one-based", meaning the first record position in the file is 1, the second record position is 2, and so on.You can omit this entry, in which case the next record following the last Get or Put statement is read.

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