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Complete with hardcore bases for 16 permanent caravan homes (including a 32ft by 12ft luxury residence), running water, electricity, TV aerials and fences neatly dividing pitches, the place, we are assured, will look "beautiful" when completed with flowers and paving stones. Perhaps Miss Jowell should get them to build the Olympic Village. Answer: With the help of solicitors (they are also understood to have received advice from a private planning consultant), a forensic understanding of the local planning laws and a military precision that would make your hair stand on end - particularly if you live near a vacant piece of land.

In most cases, residents claim they have faced intimidation, rising crime, and plummeting house prices. Now, after this latest invasion, residents in Warwickshire, on land off the historic Fosse Way between Shipston and Darlingscott, fear the same will happen here. The gipsies arrived, without warning, sometime before 9.30 am on Good Friday.

Electricity cables had been installed, water laid on, and septic tanks delivered.

The gipsies claim they obtained supplies legally after making arrangements with Severn Trent Water and energy supplier E-on.

But only one name appears on the planning application which has now been submitted to Stafford District Council - Ernest Wilson (and families). The unfolding story is also proving to be acutely embarrassing for local councillors.

The land was sold by businessman John Rutter, whose family is well known in the area.

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The will be identical, though: buy land cheaply, set up home quickly, apply for planning permission retrospectively and, after an endless round of appeals and amended applications, ruthlessly exploit human rights legislation - brought in by the Labour Government - which says everyone has the right to a "private and family life" to avoid being turfed off the land.

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