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The joint German-Soviet concerns first led to signing, in May 1921, of a treaty between the two nations under which Germany recognized the Soviet regime as the only legitimate government of Russia, and agreed to suspend relations with all other groups which still claimed power.This agreement paved the way for future cooperation between the two.With just a few clicks, you can even submit an application to the Studentenwerk for a room in student residence.The Treaty of Rapallo was an agreement signed on 16 April 1922 between Germany and Russia under which each renounced all territorial and financial claims against the other following the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and World War I.

Like the Germans, the Russians were left diplomatically isolated as their transition to communist rule had led to the loss of western allies.

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Germany initially hoped to pursue peaceful changes to the Versailles Treaty, and its main territorial goal was to reclaim certain portions of western Poland.

An initially conciliatory posture failed in 1919, leading Germany to institute an economic blockade of Poland in January 1920.

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The two governments also agreed to normalise their diplomatic relations and to "co-operate in a spirit of mutual goodwill in meeting the economic needs of both countries".

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