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Yeah in a perfect world that would be the case, but lets be realistic here…

maybe you’ve already emailed every attractive woman you’re interested in within your area… So what about increasing the percentage of women who respond?

Lucky for you, there's a simple — and painfully obvious — way to keep from blending into the crowd: Put more time and effort into filling out your profile.

Data from Plentyof Fish reveals that users spend about 10 minutes creating their profile, on average — but those who spend about 20 minutes are to meet someone on the site than users who have minimal detail and no pictures.

The idea is to give just enough detail about yourself so that other users have something to talk to you about — and perhaps more importantly, to give the impression that you're taking this dating thing seriously.

It's all too easy to halfheartedly create a profile, so you can pretend to yourself that you're really interested in dating.

AN INTRIGUING SUBJECT LINE – What’s the very first thing a woman sees when you send her an email? If your email doesn’t get opened, all that time you spent to craft that killer email was all for nothing.

I use dating sites to SAVE time, not add time (or a second job).(I know, strange behavior for a guy who makes his living teaching men how to attract women online.)The second, and least obvious issue is that there is no guarantee that the percentage of women who respond will remain constant.

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There are a number of potential reasons why bilingual people might be more appealing.

But one likely reason, said POF data scientist Michael Mc Dermott, is that these people seem more thoughtful and open because they're "willing to expose a lot" about themselves — specifically, the languages they speak. Think of it as a specific way to "put yourself out there" online.

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