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Share enough information about yourself to excite, entice, and/or intrigue your potential match, while still leaving him or her wanting more. Here’s a good rule of thumb to follow: Keep your profile answers short, succinct, and sassy.

When responding to your match via email, use two-to-three-sentence responses to any particular subject.

Do: Play the Game Like it or not, dating is a game. Even on a lively site like Ok Cupid, only about a third (32%) of first messages get any response. In the next several posts here on Ok Trends, we’ll be taking a closer look at messaging and finding some ways to improve your own message response rate. The idea is that this is the ultimate goal of the first message: to start a conversation with someone. Let’s start with this chart: The y-axis is reply percentage; the x-axis is message length, in characters; and the two lines are as follows. Green is the ratio of messages that get a reply that in turn gets replied to by the original sender.If someone seems too good to be true in email, that person probably is. Your safety and well-being are far more important than trying to please a virtual stranger by doing something that feels risky or otherwise unsafe.Online dating can be an excellent resource in your dating arsenal.

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Just as your potential match will want to chase you, you can also chase him or her. When you find someone whose profile catches your eye, send a flirty wink, an enticing icebreaker, or a friendly email. Quite honestly, it’s overwhelming and a total turnoff.

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