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disk to use every time you start a recording or set a timer for a 40 TELE-satellite & Broadband English Español — 10-11/2007 — — 10-11/2007 TEST REPORT TEST REPORT HDTV PC Receiver S2-3650CI Techno Trend Receiver Handy HDTV-CI for Your PC the other end on is someone of a and take care to set up an arrange for receiver and Internet connection.manufacturers While many recognizsurely are slowly but of a network ing the advantages are quite a others to connection, In addition few steps primar FTP, the Internet why HTTP protocol; ily with the own receiver its not give the (article on page 18) One of the first companies add such a to unit to their product range is the up-and-coming Korean company Eycos, which has teamed up with tried-andtested distributor reception of a satellite receiver via the web interface of (article on page 40) the receiver After it has been switched the blue 9-digit on alphanumeric display is illuminated which – together with the seven silver buttons on the front panel and the black case – fect appearance.

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