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VULNERABILITY, DISTRUST: Feeling that you are at the mercy of your own emotions or the actions of others; not knowing who to trust or how to trust yourself; or feelings of suspicion and caution.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Trust your instincts about who you want to talk with about what happened with you.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: No matter what the situation was, you did not ask to be hurt or violated.

Blaming yourself is sometimes another way to feel control over the situation, thinking that if you avoid similar circumstances, it will not happen to you again.

SEXUAL FEARS: Feeling that you do not want to have sexual relations; wondering whether you will ever want or enjoy sexual relationships again; fears that being sexually intimate may remind you of the assault.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Try to tell your partner what your limits are.

It is important for you to know that what you are feeling and thinking right now is okay.

Your reactions are your own way of coping with the crime that has been committed against you. You may experience a few, none or all of the following emotions.

Ask for information that may help you sort out your thoughts and feelings.Try to talk with people whom you have found to be the most dependable in the past; select those who have been good listeners or are non-judgmental.Feelings of general suspicion may subside as you begin to find people you can trust.However, you are not alone in what you are feeling.You may find it reassuring to talk to others who have been assaulted, or to a counselor at you local Rape Crisis Center who has worked with other sexual assault survivors.

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FEAR: Fear that you assailant may return; fear for your general physical safety; fear of being alone; fear of other people or situations that may remind you of the assault.

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