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If you like thread this is a DVD and series you will want as there are so many effects to learn.

It’s putting a definite strain on her marriage, as Walter is off to Melbourne for an indefinite amount of time. There's a little bit of tricky setting up but certainly nothing too complicated (like some magician's try and market). Also included are methods for working with threads from 6 inches to twenty feet long that create magic that people will talk about for a lifetime. Michael Ammar has selected some great effects here and what's great is that they're all useable in the real world.There’s been unease between the two of them since Oliver’s return, and "Damaged" wisely brought those things to a head as both characters were forced to deal with not only a lingering attraction to one another, but to understanding one another’s pain.I mentioned this as something to look out for a few weeks back; Laurel explained that the pain the departure of her mother caused both her and Quentin consumed her past the point of even thinking about what may have happened to Oliver on the island.

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So even though his confession of “killing” Sarah may have been a calculated move to try and sway Quentin off identifying him as the Hood, it's also part of Oliver trying to continue to atone for his failures, for the wrongs he committed before became stranded on Lian Yu.

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