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On the External Data tab, choose Import Excel, point to the Excel file (with the Excel file closed), and select the 'linked table' option button.Follow the wizard steps to select the sheet or named range containing the Excel table that you want to link.So that when it's opened in Excel it draws from the Access table.As someone else mentioned, having just one source is much preferred to having two "copies" that have the potential of getting out of sync.I rarely endorse vendor products, but I've been very impressed with Excel-DB as an Excel database interface.

Command Type = ad Cmd Text For l Loop = 1 To l Last Row s SQLCommand = "DELETE FROM Table1 WHERE Item Number='" & Cells(l Loop, 1) & "' AND Inventory Id = " & Cells(l Loop, 1) . I want to delete the item numbers in the database that match the item number in my excel list. Copy the formula down, and copy/paste the result into an SQL window and run it. Is there an easy way through excel or SQL Server to run a sql statement to delete item numbers in my excel sheet with out the trouble of creating an application? Pro tip, if you have a lot of apostrophes to deal with, it might be worth it to do a global find/replace beforehand. ie: Sub Execute SQLCommand() 'Execute the SQL string passed through Dim conn As ADODB. Connection, str Conn As String, s SQLCommand As String Dim cmd As ADODB.

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