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Either present yourself as the extroverted and sexually confident woman that you are or tone it down.Your biggest hurdle isn’t the skeevy messages and flakes and faders. That will almost ensure you’ll scare off the guys you actually want.And by “scare” I do not mean “intimidate.” I mean repel. You are making yourself an easy mark for the very guys you don’t want to meet.Your profile is very sexual, whether you realize it your not. The answers to your questions make it clear you enjoy sex.

Disclaimers reveal more about your history than you realize – If we see someone who has the “no drama! That no hook ups disclaimer implies a level of effort required that people just aren’t willing to give.Where most of those ass clowns go wrong is by being crude and graphic and focusing only on sex. Their ineptitude is a great way to screen them out. I’ll also help you tweak/write your profile if it needs some freshening up. – INCLUDES: (Use code BLOG to save ) Get a 45 minute one on one review of your profile with me.Those photos of you with your dog on wearing a silly mustache or out clowning with friends don’t automatically make you some kind of sex object. A random person on the internet is not scaling those mountainous walls you’ve put up. IT’S TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU, either out of desire or desperation.Therefore, it makes the person seem a little full of themselves to assume that just looking at their profile puts someone in a state of arousal. Here are the main reasons why this disclaimer is a waste of profile real estate: 1. Using the word “hook up” in your profile will lead the Hook Up Only people right to you - Key words, my friends. As I have mentioned before, use of explicit or commonly used sexual terms will pull your profile up when people do searches for those words.

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