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She said she was sorry, she didn’t mean it and hadn’t known I’d react like that. I grabbed my keys and my phone and said if she wouldn’t leave then I would.She held my wrist to stop me from opening the door, and I told her to get her hands off me.I told her to stop and grabbed her hand and she said “It’s always about what you want; you always have to get exactly what you fucking want.”She finally gave up, and asked if this was going to happen all the time.There was another time a few weeks ago when we had sex, but I had work the next day, so I told her she’d have to leave at ten. She was upset because she hadn’t gotten off, didn’t want to leave, etc.It’s called the “honeymoon phase,” meant to show remorse, bond you tighter together after an emotionally upsetting and intense episode, and create the fantasy that the abuse will never happen again if you just believe in the good parts.Her behavior, including the part where she tried to plumb your past to make your reaction to her abuse a factor of your psyche or relationship history (vs. The part where you’re wondering if it’s something you did or said to bring this on? Letter Writer, you stood up for yourself beautifully.

I told her no, and she said I wasn’t even trying, and I had to try.

I also have kind of a history of short-term relationships– I haven’t dated anyone for more than a few months in the past five years. If you do not think that is true, you are a bad person.

If you keep trying to argue/coerce/guilt/blame your partner into have sex with you, you are, as was so aptly pointed out to her, “.” Everyone can “stop.” Everyone.

She said that if she walked out that door she was never coming back.

And then she asked again if I wanted her to leave, and I didn’t say anything. In the morning, we talked and she said she would work on things.

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She never really admitted that her behavior wasn’t okay, but she was really nice to me in the morning, got me flowers and made breakfast.

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