Dating for middle aged

While many people see this as manipulative and game playing, to me it is no more manipulative than handing out candy to a toddler after Halloween rather than letting the toddler eat the whole bag and get very sick.

I was confused about etiquette and when to respond and when not to; how to end a text session.The problem is that men do not always follow the scripts.For that reason, I feel it is important to have the concepts from Mars and Venus on a Date to fall back on to keep the man in charge of everything and to act as the pleasee rather than the pleaser on the fly.The main useful concept for me was how to act when texting in the early stages of dating.I was not much of a texter to start with when I started dating.

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The books just do not explain the concepts as well and focus more on WHAT to do to accomplish the 5 stages of dating, rather than WHY to do it.

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