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“No, Yuzuru, he definitely knows what he was saying, because he said something about me having a boyfriend, and when I said no, he said ‘well fine, sex friend’,” he stressed. ”“That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” Javier said. “He keeps making remarks about my ‘sex friend’ and giving me this creepy little look. Like how that doorman was looking at the girls when we got off the bus,” he said and Yuzuru’s eyes widened with understanding and he nodded.“Oooh.” He frowned again. He slid his hands down to rest on Yuzuru’s arms and pouted playfully. ”Yuzuru giggled and rolled his eyes, grabbing Javier’s wrists. Not creepy.”Javier sighed and looped an arm around Yuzuru’s shoulders, tugging him along.“Shoma definitely said ‘dick’ and knew what he said.”Yuzuru’s head whipped around and he frowned. It’s like everywhere I turn, there’s this little demon leering at me! “Wait, Shoma does not leering,” he said defensively. ” Javier said, grabbing Yuzuru’s shoulders lightly to shake him playfully. “I trust Javi always,” he said with a toss of his hair. “You’re all going to be in for a shock when one day he turns on the rest of you,” he warned.“Yuzuru, who is not my ‘sex friend’, already told me, but thank you,” he said, trying to stay polite.Just because the kid was being weird didn’t mean he should be rude.”“Hey, Shoma-kun not a demon,” he defended, giving him a chastising look. Not creepy or a demon.” Javier rolled his eyes and Yuzuru frowned. “Sweet little Shoma Uno is going to end up collecting all the secrets and publishing them online. Most of time he just pretends he knows what you say to him.Mark my words, his English is better than people think, so they probably say things they don’t want him to really understand within range of him.”Yuzuru cackled. Believe me, Shoma just did not know what he says.”Javier didn’t believe that for a second, but he decided to let it drop, lest he have to confess that Shoma was calling Yuzuru Javier’s ‘sex friend’.Ambiverse is a spin-off from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, creating solutions based on the AIDA technology.Ambiverse provides solutions for automatic text understanding and intelligent text production and is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy with an EXIST Transfer of Research grant.

So who knows,” Alex said and Javier snorted.“I have a suspicion that kid knows far more English than he lets on, my friend,” he said, thinking back to Shoma’s ‘attached at the dick’ comment. Every time he and Yuzuru goofed off on ice, he would glance around and find Shoma smirking deviously at the two of them. They would go out for dinner with some of the others and Shoma would always be across the table from Javier.

He joined the others who were all just skating around, getting warmed up, and ended up getting roped into playing keep-away with Alex as they tossed Maia’s water bottle back and forth where she couldn’t jump to reach it.

Once she finally leapt high enough to catch it, they gave up and skated away, laughing like children at her annoyed face. ” Alex asked, and Javier raised an eyebrow.“Yes, but how did you know? I could’ve told him where Yuzuru was, he was going over choreography with Mao,” he explained.

Though it was something very awkward to bring up with Yuzuru, he needed someone to talk to Shoma. He does not know what it means.”Javier actually stopped in his tracks, jaw going slack.

“Hey, did you ever get to the bottom of who was teaching Shoma dirty things? Yuzuru looked at him and made a ridiculous face – something Yuzuru did a lot, and with talent – and waved a hand. Yuzuru turned back to look at him and he shook his head. You of all people usually trust me,” he complained.

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Given a natural-language text or a Web table, it maps mentions of ambiguous names onto canonical entities (e.g., individual people or places) registered in the YAGO2 knowledge base.

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