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It’s a little lazy and so over done that it’s a joke on the internet.If this were the first photo or the only photo I saw on a dating profile I don’t think I would stay on that page for long.Jennifer: I like this photo, but only if it was just one of the photos #2 had to offer.Emily: Like Jennifer, I hope this isn’t the only picture #2 is offering.Amanda: This picture shows what an attractive guy he is, but nothing else. Kelly: I’ve been on OKCupid for probably 8 years now, and there seems to be this unspoken contest between all the men on who has the manliest outdoorsy photo.There are so many of them that eventually I feel like I’m being yelled at.I could just be some keyboard jockey pulling ideas out of thin air.

Caroline: Here we have a slanted photo taken by a guy who is clearly unable to pry himself away from his electronics enough to take the ear bud out of his ear. ) maxi pads in the back of the photo (unless those are diapers) and some sort of cleaning product.

At 28 I tend to think it means “unaddressed depression”.

As one shot of several it could be okay, if the others showed that he was a happy and fun person.

After I put out the call on Twitter and and the Dr.

Nerd Love Facebook page, several of my readers kindly sent in photos of themselves from various dating sites for commentary and criticism.

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  1. If a natural-language-using gizmo were enabled to say, from time to time, “I want this”, or “I’d be upset by that”, the human user wouldn’t take it seriously. But perhaps, if they were already in the early stages of dementia, they would.