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One will find here just about every subject or every angle one would want to learn more about.

The material on this website is written in well researched and well documented ways without being too scholarly obtuse.

fit=200,85&ssl=1" data-large-file="https://i1com/ fit=700,300&ssl=1" / I’ll begin by confessing that AA Agnostica is my favourite recovery website and I’ll say no more given that you are currently reading this blog and you will have your own opinions about where it is placed among your favourites.

So, in no particular order here is my list of my 10 preferred sites.

In general, it is a comprehensive resource for the history of both addiction and recovery ever since people starting taking an interest.

Recent books published by Hazelden include Marya Hornbacher’s, among many others.

As well as offering actual treatment opportunities, the website directs readers to its monthly news letter, Graduate Studies in addiction counseling, and a listing for a wide assortment of weekend seminars and retreats.

She is a very good writer who comes from a background of multiple addictions in her family but she highlights her struggles with prescription drugs as to what awakened her to a life of sobriety.

As well as commentary on the “recovery movement,” and everyday sobriety, her website includes interviews, book reviews, and reports on current issues of interest.

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The app was created by the Clean Fun Network (CFN), a new community that hosts fun trips around the world, special events, dating and other booze-free activities.

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