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There's never been a gay motocross rider on TV, film anything.

So that was really exciting to be able to play that.

It's very different than LA and I only moved out here about three and a half years ago," he explains.

"I had actually gone to school to try to study journalism, then I realized that even if I wasn't born my dad's son, I know I would have found my way into this somehow." Of course, knowing someone who's been in the business for over 30 years comes with its upside, especially in the advice department.

"I picked up a lot of wisdom from people being on the crew about how when you do get a leading role on something, you have a lot of responsibility for the whole project to create a positive experience for everybody, you're a leader on the set, whether you want to be or not." On "Eyewitness," Paxton plays Lukas, a BMX biker who witnesses a brutal murder during a tryst in the woods with another high school boy.Apollo 13 (1995) Paxton played astronaut Fred Haise in Ron Howard‘s docudrama, opposite Tom Hanks‘ Jim Lovell and Kevin Bacon‘s Jack Swigert.The movie, which dramatized the aborted 1970 space mission, was nominated for nine Oscars, including Best Picture, and won two: Best Film Editing and Best Sound.“The accomplishment of Apollo 13, all the stuff [Howard] did, all the research and the eye for detail to tell that story, to bring it to life …I still think Ron Howard is a very underrated director,” Paxton told Entertainment Weekly in 2015.

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