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Slowly our eyes opened and we found we lived in a blind world. Now here you are judging what is happening in other marriages. We have been dating for 3yrs and now am pregnant still inlove with this guy.

I believe it that some day he will see that his future is with me as the girl likes to swear at him everytime they have a conflict while I give him all the respect a man should have.

God did change me, and my marriage, and yes, for real.

I know because I was a mean wife who's own husband left her to be with someone else.

He will leave and never look back that's the reason he left in the first place because of the things she wasnt doing he will tell you what he wants.

If you know how to satisfy him in bed all the time.

You guys are having it the western way; marry the person you love.

Plus his problems of alimony and child support will put financial burden on your marriage too..........

Also he has been cheating on his wife, so his friends and family may look down upon him...... If he was divorced then the story would have been different.........

and see what he can do We were lovers when we were young. Financially splitting your life work, she knows but is afraid of being alone, his adult children he doesn't want to lose their respect, etc. I never let myself think one day he would be back in my arms.

ask God to help you and live the life he planned for you, this is the one true way to happiness for your life, and you deserve it, he loves you and knows your every need, so let him show and lead your life. If you need some help or don't believe, well, then try reading some of Joyce Meyer's books.(The mind is a battlefield, is a good one) Trust me, God has a better life planned for you then this! All good things come from God, and sorry, but there is no good in these letters, or these troubled lives. it disgust me that women pride themselves in hurting another woman with their actions by participating in adultery without any remorse i pray God has mercy upon u on judgement dayhello everyone my name is Marian and am very happy to tell the whole wide world how my broken home was restored my Dr atakuma who help me bring back my husband,his name is Felix and we were married for 7 years with two kids and now he is much more in love with me than before since he cheated on me back in 2016 and he even left me and the kids to suffer all my hope was lost cause he was the only one a had i had no family,a friend of mine call Emily introduce me to Dr ATAKUMA on his excellent work in helping people reuniting families and broken home and i contact the him via his email and gave him my complain now he cast a spell for my husband and up till now my husband don't cheat and his always want the best for me so if anyone here has family problem kindly email dr ATAKUMA on his email dr.atakumaoracle @ outlook. Getting reacquainted 42 years later was like it was just yesterday. We may not have small children ( now in our 60's) but leaving his wife is just as hard.

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It's the whole package that he is attracted to, maybe the other woman is an upgrade to his wife. We all have the ability to love more than 1 person.

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