2016 oab not updating ps3 goes black when updating gta 5

While this info is great technical background, in this post I want to shed some light on the publishing of the OAB through Public Folders and through Web-based distribution, especially on where to look first.It is important to note, that I am concentrating on a domain joined Outlook client.

This event will also tell you the OAB GUID and, even more important, the OAB sequence number (1 in this case): The mailbox server will use the public store it is pointing to for publishing the OAB.

While checking this list, the administrator can be sure that the OAB has been generated successfully and check if it has been published at the place where the Outlook client is expecting to find it.

At the end of this post, I will give a recommendation regarding the best way in my opinion for rolling out a new OAB to your whole user base, in case you face a situation where a full OAB download for all Outlook clients is necessary.

The OAB file is compressed and will be downloaded by the client in a compressed format and the client will extract the OAB file afterwards.

So the compressed file size should be meaningful and match your (compressed) GAL size.

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A very useful tool at this point is MFCMAPI, which you can use to open the OAB folder within a certain public folder and check if the OAB files you want to see are present and in good shape.

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